What we did

What we do



Development of digital platforms that serve Institutional, Communication or Sales proposes.


Uber is a technology platform that connects people. People who want to move around the city with drivers available to take them where they want to go. From the moment they stepped in Portugal, they instantly knew that they would need Green Cows to surpass their biggest challenger: taxi drivers.



Brand Activations bred to add cognitive and emotional value to the relations between Brands and Consumers. Fully oriented to create memorable experiences that will last in consumer’s minds, strengthening their loyalty.


Founded in 1903, is now recognized as the largest Portuguese club with over 250.000 associates, Automóvel Club de Portugal maintains a purpose that is proven and renewed every day: be on your side, throughout your life, wherever you are, to create solutions and to facilitate your day to day, always in defense of the automobile and the driver.

And when it comes to relations, we all know that Green Cows are a must.



Brand Creation, Development and/or Management in all their activities.

Home Sweet Sushi

Home Sweet Sushi is a major home delivery and take away company in Portugal, specialized in delivering freshness to your door. Their menus were created to respond to a set of needs of the regular sushi consumer: diversity, freshness, celerity both in home and office delivery.

Home Sweet Sushi


Brand advising through Creative Consultancy, bringing new points of view and areas of expertise to the table. This mutual commitment aims to solve, and predict, current or future challenges.


We served as creative sparring partners for h3 for approximately 8 months in specific challenges: Their loyalty card digitalization into Tuga Resiste App; Digital Marketing Strategy and Implementation; Brand Activation and Internal Brand Communication. We brought a completely different way to look and tackle challenges to the table thought montly or bi-montly brainstorm meetings.


Development of complex Technological Platforms that can be applied either to Communication, Sales, Management, Process Optimization, and so on.


Belong delivers the best bio-products to your door. Made possible by a small and highly specialized farmers network, Belong serves their consumers with a personalized service where you can build your own bio-basket, or choose from Belong’s standard baskets, and schedule when and where you want it to be delivered, everything through Belong App.

Nature, farming, creativity and technology just asks for Green Cow Breeders right?

Belong Store


Brand Creation, Development and/or Management in all their activities.


From Restaurant Concepts to Tourism, we have been budding a strong relation with SCGrupoo when it comes to breeding brands. The DNA present in every concept is based on Tradition and Sophistication, always with a strong influence of Portuguese Cousine, filling Mercado de Campo de Ourique and Cascais Kitchen with visual and sensorial consistency.

Cascais Kitchen Gin d'Ourique


Brand Creation, Development and/or Management in all their activities.


There is a huge diference between visiting a country or a city with the help of Google Maps or with a person who actually lives there. So we created Insiders: an unique touring service provided by locals where you can choose what kind of places or experiences you want to live according to your feelings.



Brand Activations bred to add cognitive and emotional value to the relations between Brands and Consumers. Fully oriented to create memorable experiences that will last in consumer’s minds, strengthening their loyalty.


Noori was born in 2009 with an innovative concept not seen before in Portugal. Temakerias were well known in Brazil, but for Portugal, eating “sushi cones” was something new! They started with only one store in Chiado and since then, they opened 8 stores in Portugal and 3 in Madrid, Spain. Sushi is fresh, fresh and prepared in front of the customer.

This is why they consider themselves "The best way to eat Sushi".



Brand Activations bred to add cognitive and emotional value to the relations between Brands and Consumers. Fully oriented to create memorable experiences that will last in consumer’s minds, strengthening their loyalty.

Werther's Original

Werther's Original is a candy and chocolates brand, created by the German company Storck in 1909 and a world reference in the candy market. It was brought to Portugal in 1999 by Jerónimo Martins Distribuição and is one of it’s great successes.

Leader in caramels category in the Portuguese market, the brand offers a wide range of products and is in constant innovation.



Brand Creation, Development and/or Management in all their activities.

La Mensa

Our relation with the newest Carpaccio House in Lisbon started with a simple Branding briefing: to create a sexy, modern brand for a new restaurant concept based on Italian Cousine.

After we visited the venue, while under construction, we got even more excited with the challenge. A really small mezzanine, with room for 10-15 seats.

So after brainstorming with the client, we were challenged to fully design and decorate the venue according to the branding.

La Mensa
  • You breed Green Cows!? What kind of place is that?

  • Call us a Creativity Breeding Farm and we’ll moo back with future-forward thinking.

    Together, we will push the edges of digital technology and brand activation and reshape the way that brands relate with their customers.

    We want you to feel eloquent, trough innovation and singularity; you will feel part of the projects in every stage thank’s to our commitment; you will feel assured because we guarantee dedication, respect and top quality in every Cow that comes out of the barn. We deliver a service that was born from a gap in the market: design thinking and technology thinking under the same shed.

  • Creativity and technology together?

  • At Outdare, we assist your business by focusing on fighting boredom. That scary shadow that hovers above relations. Outdare stands beside organizations as problem solvers, opportunity seekers, and product and service developers finding out-of-the-box solutions to breed innovation.

    We’re all about creating and recreating moments of Attraction in any stage of the relation that you need. Those experiences will reboot and spice your relation up kicking the boredom out it! Memorable moments that will guarantee brand recall.

  • If they’re bred from creativity and technology what’s their offer?

  • Our Cows come in all shapes and sizes. We work hard to find the perfect solution, aiming to develop feelings of Commitment, Empathy and Passion in your relations. Our Cows are bred to run free where you customers spend more time: on the street and online.

    That means we bring together all the creative and technology capabilities, guerrilla and experiential mindset, business acumen, and the industry insight needed to help transform our clients businesses.

    We bring together all the creative and technology capabilities into Online and Offline Experiential Marketing, Guerrilla Activation, Branding and Software Development.

  • Why did you start breeding those things?

  • Because brands need them. Really bad actually… That need comes from the fact that from the moment you wake up until the moment you go to sleep you are exposed to something between 5.000-20.000 advertising messages. Do you notice it? Of course not. Because you simple can’t. Your brain knows that’s too much to assimilate, knows that you don’t need it so doest’s let you. As a defense, you develop advertising amnesia.

    So we started breeding Green Cows to help you to stand out and start to strengthen your relation with your customers.

  • Constantly talking to my customers isn’t appealing enough for them to comeback?

  • Nope. Talk is cheap. You need bovines. Our bovines. Repeatedly. The real challenge is not making customers to buy once. It’s to make them comeback. Over and over again. And you won’t achieve that by bombarding them with ads. You have to listen before you talk. And then give them what they want or need! You see, in every relation, brands-consumers or people-people, you go trough 3 stages:

    • Attraction: where we are driven by passion and euphoria;
    • Romanticism: when passion becomes love and the feeling of trust emerge;
    • Indexing: The leap of faith into commitment. You are now the Loyal half of the relation;

    But that’s not the end. It’s just the beginning. You’ll face an huge challenge when you get into a relationship: the boredom that comes after indexation. And it can only be dealt with Green Cows.

  • So, Green Cows are the solution to surpass advertising amnesia?

  • If you dont’ believe, try to remember an ad displayed on your way to work today… You can’t right?

    Nowadays brands are more concerned in forcing people to look instead of convincing them to see. And that’s a huge problem because if you just look at something, you’ll soon forget it. But if you see it, you’ll memorize it. And that’s the first step to build a relation with someone. Always make sure that you are seen. And that’s why we breed super effective dejá moo’s.

  • But how do you breed them?

  • Outdare is formed by Neuroscientists, Software Architects, Marketeers, Artificial Intelligence Developers, Illustrators, Urban Art Experts, Financial Advisors and God knows what. We breed our cows using a framework that divides us in different teams according to the challenge:

    • Dreamers: stage where we step into our clients shoes and tackle the challenge in a 720º view. Creativity at it’s most pure form that gives us the wings to achieve solutions that our the competition couldn’t dream of.
    • Thinkers: We deconstruct the concepts build by the Dreaming Team and validate the potencial of the path. Through logic and planning, we project how to make those green cows born.
    • Builders: Supported by a multitalented team, we guarantee that the project goes exactly as planned by the Thinkers and designed by the Dreamers.